Categories and Points System

Categories and Points System

Categories and Entry Fees

How do the categories work?

Choose whether you want to race for 4 or 8 hours.
If you choose to race as a solo competitor depending on your age and ability you have the option to register in the ‘open’ or ‘veteran’ categories.
If you are 40 years or over and are ‘non-competitive’ enter the ‘veteran’ category.
If you are 40 years and over but are competitive and want to be in for the prize money enter the ‘open’ category.
For both the 4- and 8-Hour races Veteran Teams must have a combined age of 80 or more years if you have a team of 2 or 120 or more years if you have a team of 3.
Secondary School entries are limited to either the 4- or 8-Hour races depending on the students age (please check homepage for age cut-offs for each race).



Take your pick, in any order you like. 
Paddle a super-prepared, spectator-friendly 4.5km loop in the sheltered corner of Lake Te Anau; Enjoy the fun 5.0km course of mixed trail running through Ivan Wilson Park; Enjoy the well thought-out 10.5km Mountain Bike course we’ve created with an excellent flow of manicured single-track, gravel trails, short climbs and descents through Ivan Wilson Park, lakeside and riverside conservation land.
All three courses have been carefully designed and prepared by fellow kayakers, runners and riders to be competitor friendly and fair, by offering no advantage to sticking to one course.  This event is designed to find the toughest of multisport competitors and reward them for their awesomeness!


1 point will be scored for each lap completed. This year there will be no bonus points allocated. In the result of a tie in the amount of laps completed, the competitor who finished their final lap first will be the winner. eg competitor 1 completes 17 laps  and finished their final lap at 7hours 55minutes and competitor 2 completes 17 laps and finishes their final lap at 7 hours 54 minutes, competitor 2 will be first place and competitor 1 second place.

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