Competitor Preparation

Competitor Preparation

The Te Anau Endro is an endurance event which will require sound preparation for all competitors. Whether you are tackling the full 8 hour solo enduro, 8 hour enduro as part of a team or one of the 4 hour options this is an event that you need to prepare for.  You will need to consider each course, the possible weather conditions and the time you plan to be out there competing for.

We have carefully designed each course to be challenging, fun but achievable.  You will need to have basic technical skills to safely navigate each course but rest assured, there is nothing too scary or difficult awaiting you around the corner.

To get the most out of each course, it pays to front up on race day with a solid base of fitness to last the distance.

The beauty of the Te Anau Enduro is that each lap takes the average person approximately 30 minutes per lap.  If you start to feel fatigued, you can take a break at your transition area, refuel, rest and recharge before embarking on your next lap.

Here is a breakdown of each course with the minimum standards of skill to complete your chosen category.

The Kayak Course  - utilizes the sheltered area of Lake Te Anau between the Marakura Yacht Club and the float plane jetty and is approximately 4.0 kilometers plus the distance to run to/from the transition area.  To safely complete this course, you will require a kayak appropriate to your level of skill and experience.  While this is a relatively sheltered section of the lake and is a flat water paddle; the wind can create swells and waves which could make things a bit more challenging.

The Run Course  - circumnavigates the forest area behind the Lakeview campground plus the tracks of Ivon Wilson Park and is approximately 4.5 kilometers with a popular mix of gentle undulating well-formed track and slightly technical single-track.  You will need to be able to adjust your step to navigate the odd short up hill climb,  tree root or rock but generally, the run is free flowing and non-technical.

The Mountain Biking Course  - also utilizes tracks within the forest area behind the campground and Ivon Wilson Park; then it continues along a short section of quiet road towards the control gates area with a loop of technical single-track, returning along the fast, gravel lake-side track.  This course is approximately 10.5 kilometers.

In their own right, each course is manageable and achievable for the average competitor, but as you will be completing multiple laps, you can expect to become fatigued.  Always stay within your limits and be sure to enter a category which suits your level of fitness.   That’s the beauty of this race…...we cater for the elite through to novice and we welcome you all.

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