Collection Event – Gun Amnesty and Buy-back for Te Anau

Collection Event – Gun Amnesty and Buy-back for Te Anau

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Sunday, September 22, 2019
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How does the amnesty process work? The amnesty from prosecution for possession of prohibited firearms, parts, and magazines will run until 20 December 2019. Police encourages any person now in possession of a prohibited item to safely secure it and notify Police by completing the online form or calling 0800 311 311. The amnesty period includes the ability for firearms holders to anonymously hand-in any firearm/s under amnesty. These firearms will be destroyed and are not eligible for buy-back. Amnesty allows time for you to handover prohibited firearms even if you no longer hold a valid firearms licence. You may also hand in a non-prohibited firearm/s if you no longer wish to have it in your possession. During the amnesty period it is not an offence to possess firearms that are newly prohibited, but you cannot use them. •Firearms changes FAQs •Click here to see other dates and locations for you to hand in your firearms. •Find out how you need to prepare and what you need to bring with you. When:Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 September Sat: 10am – 2pm Sun: 9am – 1pm Where:Marakura Yacht Club

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