Milford Mountain Classic

Milford Mountain Classic

Riders at the start of the Milford Mountain Classic in Milford Sound
The 2017 Milford Mountain Classic organising committee have made the difficult decision to suspend the next edition of the event planned for 21 January 2017. 
Since setting the date several key members of the race organising committee and traffic and safety management team have accepted work commitments outside of the area over this time and replacements with the necessary skill set have been unable to be found. 
Given the nature of the event, organisers are not prepared to put entrant safety in jeopardy.
The organising committee sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused, particularly to those who have already tried to enter.  
The committee will be revisiting the event for 2018.
A new Te Anau based event that may be of interest to some is the TE ANAU ENDURO, a multi-lap style multisport fun, friendly event for both competitive and recreational people. Saturday 11 March -


A breathtaking mountain cycle race like no other

The Milford Classic Cycle Race runs from Milford Sound, along the Milford Road and finishes in Te Anau. There are several event categories and a short course.

The event offers a huge personal challenge and the unique opportunity to race through Fiordland's remarkable scenery. This area has long been described as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" – and with good reason.


Alpine cycle race options from Milford to Te Anau.

  • Saturday 21st January: 4.15pm MMC starts at Milford Sound
  • Saturday 21st January: 4.30pm Homer Hundred starts at Homer Tunnel
  • Saturday 21st January: 5pm Eglinton Challenge Starts at the Eglinton Flats

The Milford Mountain Classic

Starting at 4.15pm the Milford Mountain Classic is a tough 120km race from Milford to Te Anau.

As the race includes two major climbs, it is probably more like the equivalent of a 150km race. Starting at sea level in Milford, the cycle race climbs to a high point of 940m at the Eastern Portal of the Homer Tunnel (King of the Mountain location). There is a further steady climb from the Hollyford turnoff to "The Divide" before following the Eglinton Valley to Te Anau Downs and the Lake Te Anau shore to a Te Anau finish. 

The Homer Hundred

Starting at 4.30pm the Homer Hundred is a 101km road cycle race from the Te Anau side of the Homer Tunnel to Te Anau.

This ride starts in the high mountains with the scenery of the upper Hollyford and Eglinton Valleys, but without the initial climb between Milford Sound and the Homer Tunnel.

The Eglinton Challenge

Starting at 5.00pm the Eglinton Challenge begins at Knobs Flat and covers the last 65kms of the race course.

The only serious hill climb commences at Te Anau Downs Station where competitors face the Retford Hill before easing to a gentle downhill into Te Anau Downs.

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