Te Anau Enduro

Te Anau Enduro

The Te Anau Enduro is a fun, friendly event for competitive and recreational people.

Compete hard or enter for fun, there’s something for everyone in the fantastic new event format, the Te Anau Enduro.  This is a multi-lap style Multisport Enduro based right at beautiful Lake Te Anau.  Complete as many laps as you can either solo or in a team of friends.  See everyone between laps as you return through the bustling central transition area by the Marakura Yacht Club.

The 2017 Te Anau Enduro will be held on the 11th March 2017. See you there!

2016 Results

8 hour
4 hour

In short what you need to know!

Unsure of what the Te Anau Enduro really is? Let's break it down:

  • 3 separate lap tracks (kayak, mountain bike and run)
  • Each lap takes roughly 30minutes to complete. Therefore, lap distances vary based on average speed of exercise mode.
  • You can do what ever lap you want to do , whenever! If you don't want to kayak you don't have to! You can run the run track for the whole 4 or 8 hours if you wanted.
  • 1 transition area that you must pass through after each lap so your transponder can record what lap number you are on.
  • You will have your own wee transition area so you put up your feet for smoko, lunch and afternoon tea between laps if you wish.
  • "Sport" categories are for the average Jo, "Legend" categories are for the elite, and teams can have a maximum of 3 in them.

Main categories

The categories you can enter are:

8-hour Multisport Enduro

  • Legends, solo Male or Female
  • Sport, solo (Male or Female) and teams

4-hour solo and team options

More information about the categories can be found here.


The three courses are
  • Kayak (flat water)
  • Run (off road)
  • Mountain bike

Course Map
Runner enjoying the Te Anau Enduro track

Prize Pool

The total prize pool is $5,000 CASH for the feature races plus a $1,000 Ray White Perpetual Real Estate spot prize which is open to all categories.

The transition area is at the Marakura Yacht Club where spectators can support the entrants while soaking up the scenic beauty of the lake and mountains. Please note there is no camping at the transition area, for accommodation options please have a look at our accommodation options.

Contact teanauenduro@gmail.com for further information. Updates will be on the Te Anau Enduro Facebook page so be sure to find it and like it to keep up to date.


Event Date: 
Saturday, March 11, 2017
Te Anau
fb Event Summary: 
The Te Anau Enduro is a lap-style multisport event where competitors complete as many laps as they can in a set time-frame. Competitors can complete laps of any course they choose, in whatever order they choose and score a point for every completed lap. There is no requirement to complete laps of all three courses, but there is the incentive of a bonus point for each time a competitor completes a lap of each of the three courses consecutively. http://www.facebook.com/events/1562046924060591/

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