Te Anau Rugby Adventure Camp for Kids

Te Anau Rugby Adventure Camp for Kids

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Te Anau Rugby Club
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For junior ages 5 – 18 years. All current & prospective players and coaches welcome – from any area, club (not just for Te Anau players). Skills, drills, handling, safe tackling techniques, hand eye coordination, sportsmanship. Aims are to: •To re-ignite the passion and enjoyment of Rugby…..fun •Encourages past, present and future Players/Coaches to be better equipped……fun •Southland Rugby Development Coaches assist in activities……..fun •We have a goodies bag that will support the players for 2019. (i.e.- Water bottle/ Mouthguards) for free……fun •It’s a good time to re-boot the social gathering for parents…..fun •The programme is designed to meet the various learning styles of the players within a group context…….fun •We value child participation and in a team environment…….fun •BBQ for Lunch/ Bouncy Castle for families…..more fun •They will be able to see our senior team train and play later that day. …..fundamentals When:Saturday 16 March, Where:Te Anau Rugby Club Any enquires contact Dale Wairau 027 266 1986 or Nathan Botting o27 231 6390 ……… but for REGISTRATIONS please contact Hannah OteneHannah.otene@live.com.au or text a photo to 0210 861 0327 by Thursday 14 March. https://www.facebook.com/events/2272078663039297/

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