Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Competition - Rules

Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Competition - Rules

This page contains information about the rules and conditions of entry into the Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Competition.

To speed up your registration process please have the Indemnity form and Skippers form with you. It will save filling them out at registration and you will be able to get out fishing earlier.

Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Competition

General tournament rules

  1. All Participants in the 2019 Stabicraft Yamaha Te Anau Manapouri Fishing Classic shall have a current fishing licence. This is available at www.fishandgame.org.nz please note fishing licences will not be available at registration, please get it before you come to registration.
  2. Only 1 fish per individual or 3 fish per family may be weighed in.
  3. No person shall enter in more than 1 category except children, who may enter the Take a Kid Fishing promotion as well as a Family or Child Lake category.
  4. Fish shall only be taken from the waters and shoreline of Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri and the Upper Waiau (excluding the North Fiord and Worsley Arm (remote access area).
  5. Note: Inflowing tributaries are closed for fishing and are specifically excluded from the Tournament.
  6. All rules as set out by Fish and Game for the waters of Lake Te Anau and Manapouri and Upper Waiau shall be adhered to.
  7. Fishing begins once you have registered on either Friday 25th or Saturday 27th. There will be no entries/registrations on Sunday 27th October.
  8. No fish will be accepted at the weigh in after 2.00pm Sunday the 27th of October.
  9. Fish are to be gutted but not beheaded prior to weighing in.
  10. All entrants must be present at the prize giving in order to claim a prize.
  11. All participants must register to receive Weigh In Tickets prior to commencing fishing.
  12. No unpaid entries will be issued with Weigh In Tickets.
  13. If you fail to register and collect your Weigh In Tickets then you will be ineligible for any prizes.
  14. Earlybird Entries - (prior to the 1st October) shall be awarded with a double ticket, meaning if they catch a fish they will recieve 2 entries into the Top 10 Barrell Draw. (only 1 fish required) (Junior and child entries are not eligible for the barrell draw)
  15. All prizes (except the major prize, boat, Hard Luck Prizes and Perch caught in Manapouri) are to be allocated by Condition Factor. Manapouri Perch will be for the Heaviest Perch.
  16. Prizes will be drawn under Police Supervision. The major prize of the Stabicraft boat will be by barrel draw under Police Supervision from 10 Adult Licence Holders who weigh in a fish.
  17. The prize shall remain the property of the promoter until 1st August 2020 at which time ownership shall be transferred to the winner. The promoter shall lease the prize to the winner from 27th October 2019 until 1st August 2020 for the sum of NZ$5.00. The winner shall ensure that the prize is fully insured for the period of the lease and provide to the organiser proof of such insurance.
  18. The above rule may be voided and the lease cancelled only on the receipt of a letter of approval signed by the Managing Director of Stabicraft Marine Ltd and the Chairperson of the Organising Committee and delivered to the Organising Committee at PO Box 149, Te Anau, 5 working days priot to the intention to cancel the lease.
  19. No fish taken from the Take a Kid Fishing shall be eligible for any prizes except those specifically allocated to the Take a Kid Fishing Section.
  20. Dangerous Boating Practises and skippers under the unfluence of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.
  21. Skippers shall ensure their boats have sufficent life jackets, spare fuel and a communication device that works in the area they are fishing. A reserve communication or signalling device is highly recommended.
  22. Environment Southland bylaws require all persons to wear a life jacket at all times on vessel's under 6 meters and to also have a working communication device, preferablu VHF but at least a cell phone in a plastic bag and in a reception are. See http://www.es.govt.nz/living-in-southland/along-the-coast/maritime/
  23. We strongly reccommend all boats have a VHF radio.
  24. Boats will be required to show a boat name or registration number and skippers must fill in a "Skippers Two Minute" form at time of registration.
  25. In the event of rough weather all skippers shall report to a safety boat before commencing their journey home. Check your safety boat guide for the boat closest to your location.
  26. Dydimo is present in Lake Te Anau and Manapouri. Please "Check, Clean & Dry" all boats and equipment.
  27. Breach of these rules may lead to participants being disqualified from the tournament.
  28. Members of the organising committee are ineligible for any prize.
  29. In entering this tournament you agree to hold free of liability all members of the organising committee, their sponsors and associates.You will be required to sign an indemnity form at registration.
  30. No correspondence will be entered into.

Take a Kid Fishing

Rules and Conditions

  1. This event will take place between 2.00pm Friday 25th and 8.00pm Saturday 27th October. Please note support staff will only be at McGregors Pond on Saturday.
  2. The venue will be advised to entrants when they register.
    Note: All entrants must register prior to beginning fishing.
  3. Only children aged 11 years and under as at the 1st of October 2019 are eligible to enter this section of the Tournament.
  4. Participants must have a current fishing licence. Licences for children aged 11 years and under are free and will be available at time of registration.
  5. All children entering this event must have a parent or guardian accompany them during the event. This event is not to be treated as a baby sitting service.
  6. A number of experienced fisherman will be on hand to advise, assist and supervise.
  7. Prizegiving will be held at the Te Anau Rugby Club at 2.00pm Sunday 27th October (in the cas eof wet weather, prize giving will be moved to the Fiordland Communiuty Event Centre).
  8. Only 1 fish per entrant is to weighed in.
  9. Weigh in available at McGregors Pond until 3.30pm on Saturday 26th October.
  10. Any child who has landed 2 fish will be encouraged to retire.
  11. While we will be encouraging “Catch & Release” no injured fish are to be returned to the water.
  12. No fish caught in this section may be entered in any other section of the tournament.
  13. Children are encouraged to pre enter on our website, but may also enter at the Te Anau Rugby Grounds on Friday the 25th of October or on Saturday the 26th of October at the Rugby Grounds until 2pm or McGregors pond on Saturday only until 3pm.
  14. Any dispute regarding the interpretation of these rules shall be decided by the organising committee whose decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

Please consider a Catch and Release policy for any fish you will not be weighing in.

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